Only extremely intelligent people can solve this optical illusion eye test in only seven seconds: identify the correct spelling of "brain."

Fascinating visual phenomena known as optical illusions force us to question our perspective of reality. 

Intriguing as they are, these visuals deceive our brains into believing things that don't add up. 

An further intriguing type is the "impossible object," which consists of plausible-looking objects assembled in a way that violates geometrical principles. 

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As a sort of visual illusion, optical illusions draw attention to the disparity between what we see and what actually exists by playing on the intricacies of human eyesight. 

The fascinating thing about optical illusions is that they may make us think, which in turn makes us wonder about our visual perception and how it works. 

Find the right spelling of "Brain" buried among all the picture's exquisite details—that's the challenge of this optical illusion eye test.  

Perceiving hidden letters is a task that requires high IQ geniuses to use their acute visual perception and cognitive talents.  

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