Non-Oatmeal Heart-Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast oats are healthy, but you can also eat wheat berries, beans, nuts, and seeds to diversify your heart-healthy diet.  

This collection has delicious morning meals like an easy, nutrient-rich smoothie or a savory, satisfying grain bowl.   

Our high-fiber Strawberry-Peach Chia Seed Smoothie and cheesy Egg Sandwiches with Rosemary, Tomato & Feta are so tasty you'll want to make them again.  

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These amazing, easy pancakes are best right after cooking. Eggs and banana make healthy grain-free pancakes without sugar.  

These breakfast sandwiches contain Mediterranean staples like feta, tomato, and spinach.Strong anti-inflammatory smoothie with kale, cherries, and beets.   

The anti-inflammatory compounds in all three fruits and vegetables may help prevent chronic inflammation-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.   

You can save time by using packaged steamed beets. Take advantage of cooked beets! Cherries add fruitiness and sweetness to the smoothie.  

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