Nine-second optical illusion eye test: Find a dog in the garden!

to mock or deceive. To provide us a sensory experience, our brain fills in information gaps from the eyes. We call it perception.   

Optical illusion photographs have also been utilized by neuroscientists to research reality perception.  

Practicing optical illusion puzzles may improve problem-solving and lateral thinking.The garden scene above shows outdoor seats.  

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Hidden in the garden is a dog.Readers must find the dog in 9 seconds. Check your vision with this task.  

View the image attentively.Photo shows the dog hidden in plain sight.   Have you noticed?  

Only the most attentive readers will see the dog faster.Examine the entire image.  

Check the solution below if you can't see it.Enjoy this optical illusion challenge? Share it with family and friends to see who solves it fastest.  

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