My Zodiac Sign Determines My Tekken 8 Character.

Fighting games focus most on their cast. No game shows this like Tekken 8, a soap opera.  

All 32 (and counting) characters have highly distinct personalities. T8's competitors—stoic mutes like Dragunov or caffeinated extroverts like Azucena—are likely to appeal to you.  

From Lars to Jun, these are Tekken 8's best character episode endings! What does a game with such a diverse cast require?  

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If you're tired with bread-and-butter personality tests, why try see how these Tekken 8 characters match your astrology?Rams signify Aries.  

So what do rams do? CHARGE! Bold and competitive, this sign takes risks. Impulsive Aries can cause disasters with their fiery nature.  

Bryan Fury shows what occurs when Aries is unrestrained. This savage war machine enjoys chaos and violence. Interferers are collateral damage.  

I could describe this character, but it's unnecessary. Fury's wild laugh will alert you to a problem.  

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