My father-in-law revealed the best beef stew recipe

The normal vegetables—carrots, potatoes, celery—were there, and the beef was tender and the broth tasty, but there was a surprising peppery touch.   

As a culinary editor and nerd, I searched my bowl for the secret ingredient. I saw pepperoni when I saw a droplet of orange fat floating in the soup.   

The famous pizza topping may appear unusual in beef stew, but its subtle spice and rich richness enhance all the other tastes  

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Dave chooses a stick of pepperoni over pre-sliced. It allows you chop the meat as you like and prevents sausage from drying out.   

Pepperoni and onions make a wonderful stew base. Be careful—salty sausage goes a long way, so start little and increase to taste.  

The dish will slowly absorb pepperoni flavor as it cooks, tenderizing the beef and giving it its signature shine.  

Make the stew the day before serving. Like most stews, this one tastes better the next day after the flavors blend.   

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