Most Critical Zodiac Signs: Picky Perfectionism

Pickiness can originate from fear of mistakes or the unknown. Hyper-selectivity gives control over undesirable outcomes.

Negative past experiences like terrible food, a disappointing purchase, or a failed relationship can make someone extremely cautious  

fussy in similar areas to avoid future disappointment. Trauma and tough childhoods can cause distrust and suspicion.  

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Taste, smell, texture, etc. sensitivities exist in some people. This makes them picky about food and environment.  

The physiological response is greater than the preference.Lack of adaptability makes it hard to accept things that don't meet expectations.  

High neuroticism causes concern and pickiness in decision-making. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Intrusive thoughts and a demand for control can cause severe pickiness.  

Perfectionism and anxiety of making "wrong" decisions can result from overly critical or overprotective parents.  

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