Mental Exercise Spot the Difference Game: Only smart people can spot the 3 differences in these 2 Lambs photos in 12 seconds

Take a cognitive journey to find the subtle distinctions in these lamb images.   

This brain teaser entertains and improves your observation skills, illustrating that intelligence and observation go together.  

Focus on the lambs, barn, and background to solve this visual puzzle.   

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Look for their fuzzy coats in the lamb category. A careful eye will notice a slight extra tuft of wool near the lamb's tail in photo  

Focus on cloud placement. A careful observer will spot a little change in cloud structure above the lamb's Barn  

Good job figuring out this puzzle! You showed your high IQ and keen observation skills by focusing on the lambs, barn, and background.  

Picture shows a closed shutter, while picture A shows a little ajar shutter.   

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