Love Moons: A Poetic Love and Self-Discovery Story

Two years ago, I wrote Love Moons, my first poetry book. I published it through an independent publisher and depended on their marketing plan to spread the word.   

Funny, as a blogger that promotes third-party products/services, I didn't promote my own book much. Exactly what I do.  

Right?I didn't do anything other than link to Love Moons on my Get the Books page.  

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Nothing about Love Moons on blogs. Talking about my book child made me feel ashamed.  

Naturally, this brings up my behavioral concerns.  There is a problem, and I will focus on it. I see these encounters as lessons to be learned.  

Due to my emotional engagement in my work and the difficulty of objectivity, I may interpret Love Moons differently as a creator and critic.  

I may examine my feelings, experiences, and inspirations to understand the creative process.  

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