Lemon Vinaigrette in 5 Minutes

Ladolemono, this easy vinaigrette recipe uses fresh lemon juice and dried oregano, but adds a spoonful of Dijon mustard for a velvety, peppery taste.  

This lemon vinaigrette can be refrigerated for a week. Store a large batch and use it for more than green salads.  

It works well as a chicken marinade, fish sauce, and roasted vegetable and grain salad dressing.  

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While buying vinaigrette or creamy dressing at the store is fast, making it at home is cheaper and has more benefits than the 5 minutes it takes to make.  

Lemon and oil won't emulsify as easily without Dijon mustard's punchy, peppery flavor and body.   

Stone-ground, seeded, or smooth Dijon works. Dried oregano complicates dressing.   

You can use dried parsley or basil instead. High-quality extra virgin olive oil is key to the flavor.  

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