Just 8 seconds is all it takes for high-IQ people to complete the Number Illusion Brain Test and find the number 740 out of 748.

Optical illusions take us to a world where the lines between reality and illusion blur, fascinating anomalies that mess with our eyes.  

Multiple types of optical illusions exist, each with its own unique characteristics, such as confusing shapes that throw us for a loop or seemingly contradictory pictures that make no sense at all. 

The trick is that they can trick our senses by playing on the complexities of our visual processing, playing with things like color, shadow, and perspective.  

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With their pervasiveness in art, design, and entertainment, these illusions have evolved from mere scientific curiosities into cultural phenomena. 

Famous works by the artist include the Rubin Vase and the Penrose Triangle, which demonstrate the complexity and originality of these works of art.  

Visual illusions are a potent tool for artists and creators to use in captivating audiences, captivating their interest and making them question their own perceptions. 

Among a series of numbers that also includes 748, this Number Illusion Brain Test challenges you to find the hidden number 740. 

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