In this optical illusion test of intelligence, those with perfect eyesight have 8 seconds to identify the number 55 out of 56.

As a rule, these surreal visuals throw us for a loop by making implausible forms, movements, or distortions appear. 

The intriguing interaction between the eyes and the mind is shown by optical illusions, which take advantage of the intricate way our brains absorb visual information. 

These visual puzzles, which range from renowned illusions like the "impossible triangle" to more modern developments, 

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reveal the complex structure of human vision and never cease to fascinate and perplex.  

The complexity and subjectivity of our visual experiences are brought to light as we delve into optical illusions, 

which reveal the ever-changing connection between sight and cognition. 

An optical illusion that measures intelligence: in 8 seconds, those with perfect vision can identify the number 55 out of 56. 

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