In just 8 seconds, you must identify three distinct features in this crocodile image.

By deceiving our eyes and testing our ability to make sense of visual data, optical illusions capture the mind.  

Patterns, colors, and forms may be deceiving in optical illusions, leading us to believe things like size, movement, or concealed pictures that don't exist.  

Psychologists and artists both use optical illusions as a tool to probe the intricacies of visual processing. 

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An image can be viewed in numerous ways in an ambiguous figure, which is a popular sort of optical illusion.  

For example, in the well-known "vase-face" illusion, the observer's focus shifts from a vase to two profile faces. 

Flat pictures can also seem three-dimensional due to the frequent illusion of perspective and depth perception. 

Find out how good your eyesight is going to go in this thrilling Crocodile photo challenge where you have just 8 seconds to spot three minor variations. 

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