In an optical illusion eyes test, just 2% of participants were able to distinguish between 589 possible numbers in 8 seconds.

Frequently, the illusions create illogical illusions by manipulating our impression of size, shape, color, and depth.  

Colors appear to fade and merge, geometric shapes distort and twist, and still images pulse with motion. 

Perceptual distortions that intrigue and astonish are the result of the brain's effort to reconcile visually contrasting information; this process is fundamental to optical illusions.  

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These illusions are used by both scientists and artists to investigate the complexities of visual cognition. 

Let our Optical Illusion Eyes Test reveal its secrets! There is the illusive number 586 amid all those numbers, and it's right there among 589.  

You may have seen it earlier if you're one of the lucky 2% who have a very good sight.  

Paying close attention to detail and picking up on minor differences is where the magic happens. 

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