In 9 seconds, only geniuses can notice the problem in this 2 Girls Evening Coffee Image.

Look closely at the interesting 2 Girls Evening Coffee image and test your intelligence!   

The twist: the mistake isn't obvious, but a sharp eye can spot it. Focus on every detail of the image.   

Your genius resides in your capacity to spot anomalies that others miss. It requires observation and cognitive skills to think beyond the obvious.  

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Inspection reveals no heat source beneath the teapot. A stove or other heat source is needed to boil water.  

This image contradicts the teapot's steam by having no source. The oversight forces the observer to assess the scenario's practicalities.  

Good job catching this subtle error! It shows your great attention and detail-orientedness.  

The teapot's water may be overlooked while you examine the scene. Only true brains realize that the teapot isn't on the burner, so it can't be boiling.  

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