In 6 seconds, only visually talented people can discover the word corn among Born.

This assignment needs fast visual processing and attention to detail.   

Focus on each letter and its arrangement in the time limit to find the secret word.  

"Corn" and "Born" look same, adding intricacy and testing visual talent. The solution is to find the letter arrangement that creates "Corn" within "Born."  

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To solve this visual puzzle, one must carefully scrutinize letter arrangement. The solution is to find the letters 'C,' 'O,' 'R,' and 'N' hidden in "Born."  

Visually gifted people who can quickly distinguish minor details could find the hidden word in time.   

Participants' visual discrimination and observation speed were tested in this test.  

The good news is that these assessments are meant to be difficult, and practice and comparable activities can help you identify such things.   

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