In 5 seconds, only true detectives can find the bottle in wine barrels.

Who doesn't like mental challenges? They boost mental capacity, lateral thinking, memory, and entertainment.   

They go beyond puzzles and riddles. They are a puzzle or "brain riddle."   

Answering these brain riddles requires creative, thought-provoking thinking that you won't understand right away.   

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This brain teaser has 8 seconds, so hurry.This brain teaser picture puzzle shows a man in a storage room.  

The dim space is filled with wine barrels, so the man lit a candle. He wants a bottle.  

He believes his lost bottle is in the storage area. Identify the hidden bottle in 5 seconds or less in this brain teaser picture puzzle.   

n case you couldn't find the bottle, we'll reveal it now. A glass bottle was hidden under the man's legs.   

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