I'm a lifelong vegetarian—I always buy these 8 high-protein foods.

As a cookbook author, lifelong vegetarian, and moderately low-carb eater, I put protein on my plate every meal.   

Protein balances my blood sugar, keeps me full, and reduces cravings when combined with fiber and healthy fats.  

I try to get 20–30 grams of protein per meal. This is possible, but I find that having a variety of protein sources in my kitchen keeps my meals interesting.  

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I always buy these eight vegetarian proteins.Greek-style yogurt and cottage cheese are the most cost-effective dairy products.  

A ½-cup serving of Greek-style yogurt contains 9-10 grams of protein, while cottage cheese contains 11-12 grams.   

Greek-style yogurt is great in salad dressings and Indian dishes like raita.   

Cottage cheese's versatility is probably why it's trendy. You can make pasta sauce and ice cream with it!   

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