Illusion of Sight: Those with Sharp Eyes Can Locate the Odd Cub in Just 8 Seconds

Can you recognize the occasional cub in only eight seconds with your peepers? 

Challenge your visual perception and get ready to be enchanted by the fascinating realm of optical illusions. 

Now is the moment to rise to the occasion! Challenge accepted! "Optical Illusion: Sharp Eyes People Can Find the Odd Cub in 8 Seconds" proves it.  

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Do not let the 8-second time constraint or the presumption that the illusion can only be solved by the most perceptive minds deter you.  

Visually appealing puzzles, not eye examinations, are the purpose of optical illusions. 

Check out the picture below of a mother bear and her cubs. They will all appear to be essentially the same. 

But there's a cunning cub that's a little different from the others. Your sharp eye is required here.  

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