Identifying the Eiffel Tower decal in this puzzle in under a minute is a sign of a high IQ.

Discover Your True Personality Traits Through Your Nail Shape: A Personality Test 

A person's visual perception, detail orientation, and cognitive processing speed are demonstrated by their  

ability to swiftly detect these concealed items amidst a multitude of distractions. 

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I have an interesting assignment for you that will put your observational skills to the test and may even stimulate your intellect. 

A sticker of the Eiffel Tower is concealed behind this complex jigsaw. Is it possible to identify it in less than eleven seconds? 

See if you can identify a toothbrush, banana, and muffin in only fifteen seconds with this optical illusion test! 

Your intelligence and capacity to focus under duress are being tested here, in addition to your puzzle-solving abilities. 

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