Genius IQ Test: Find the glass height in 10 seconds to have a high IQ!

Puzzles that challenge the reader's critical thinking and problem-solving skills are brain teasers.  

Brain teasers usually entail solving a problem, cracking a code, finding a concealed object or mistake, or identifying an image flaw.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness.  

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The image above shows a difficult glass puzzle with sets of glasses.Readers must complete the riddle in 10 seconds.  

This puzzle will test your intellect and analysis.Your time begins! Examine the image attentively.  

Has the glass's value been determined?Speed up—time is running out. And…Time up.  

Can't? Scroll down for the solution. The image shows a 34-cm-long glass stack with five glasses. Two 19-cm glasses are in the second set.  

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