Gauchere Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Wardrobe Padding

Creative director Marie-Christine Statz brought out a collection of structured silhouettes lightened by sporty and sheer accents,  

Statz stated the season focused on varied lives rather than elegance.  

Since no one likes to be buttoned up all the time, she used luxurious textures like padded silks for wrap skirts and mohair on dresses and coats.  

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She also used the contrast between suiting material and leathers—vegan or not—to dress up raw denim pants and slouchy knitwear.  

For this season, proportions were closer to the body and belts accentuated hourglass figures.  

a touch of nudity brings something feminine, formal yet brings lightness,” wearing roll-neck body suits with a coat or cutting skirts and tops  

Off-kilter cuts, asymmetrical components, and foldable swatches and removable collars added playfulness.  

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