Fun, High-Paying Introvert Jobs

Several of the world's most successful people are introverts. Bill Gates, Zendaya, Michael Jordan, and Taylor Swift prefer calm days at home than busy ones.  

Introverted people like to focus on themselves. They rather get out with a few close buddies than large gatherings.  

Introverts excel at specific fields despite society's disdain for their quietness. Here are five high-paying introvert careers.  

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Are you interested in analyzing historical paintings, texts, videos, and maps? If so, archiving would be a great career.  

Daily interruptions from colleagues will be limited as you bury your head in rare items.   

Due to the historical nature of the papers, when you talk to coworkers, it will likely be about what you've seen and are passionate about, rather than the small talk introverts dislike.   

Archivists need master's degrees in library and information science or American history. reports archivists earn $53,980 on average.  

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