For Dinner Tonight, Try One of These Broccoli Recipes.

Broccoli may be the most versatile vegetable. The green, tree-like florets and thick stalks can be roasted, steamed, blended into creamy soups, or eaten raw  .

Try it with a herb dip on your next crudité plate—you won't regret it. Broccoli makes a great side dish for chicken, steak, or fish, but it can also be used in a casserole or pasta dish.  

Green doesn't mean your family won't eat it! When her kids were younger, Ree Drummond remembers serving broccoli for weeknight dinners:  

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"My boy Bryce loves broccoli with cheese sauce so much that there’ve been times I’ve actually feared he would turn into broccoli with cheese sauce!" quips.  

Besides being tasty, broccoli is healthy. In her health journey this year, Ree found that eating more vegetables is key to staying healthy.   

Broccoli has folate, vitamin C, and vitamin A and is high in protein. Some studies have linked eating more dark greens to eye health as you age.  

You're probably craving broccoli—who can blame you? Try one of these delicious broccoli recipes for dinner tonight after you buy some at the store.  

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