Find the Hidden Number 50 in 8 seconds with this optical illusion vision test. See how good you are at seeing things!

An enchanting anomaly that confuses our visual perception, an optical illusion takes us to a world where illusion and reality blend together.  

Many different kinds of optical illusions exist, from seemingly incongruous pictures that make it hard to draw clear conclusions to seemingly illogical figures that make it impossible to follow simple reasoning.  

The trick is that they may trick our senses by playing on the complexities of our visual processing, playing with things like color, shadow, and perspective. 

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These illusions have transcended their scientific origins and are now ubiquitous in popular culture, influencing fields as diverse as art, design, and entertainment. 

Famous works that illustrate the skill required to create such mind-bending artifacts are the Rubin Vase and the Penrose Triangle. 

Visual illusions are a potent technique for artists and innovators to use in captivating audiences, captivating their interest and making them doubt their own views. 

Challenge your visual acuity with the Optical Illusion Visual Test—find the Hidden Number 50 in under 8 seconds! 

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