Find the concealed number 83 among 82 in 8 seconds as part of an optical illusion eye test.

Amazing optical illusions fool the brain into thinking something different than what's actually there.  

These deceptions take use of the complexities of human vision to make us doubt our own eyes.  

They highlight the brain's propensity to draw conclusions based on past experiences and the amazing (and occasionally confusing) interaction between our eyes and brain. 

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We get a sneak peek at the intricacies of visual cognition when we play with optical illusions. 

Illusions that defy logic are generally the outcome of the mind's attempt to reconcile visually contradicting information. 

In addition to being entertaining diversion, optical illusions provide valuable information about how our visual perception works.  

Put your visual perception and pattern recognition abilities to the test with the Optical Illusion Eye Test. 

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