Extremely focused observers may identify the number 3999 out of 3996 in about 8 seconds using an optical illusion test.

For the most perceptive, there is a hidden difficulty within the complex pattern of numbers, namely 3996.  

The Optical Illusion Eye Test is an exciting new way to find out how sharp your eyes are.  

Get ready to dive headfirst into this visual adventure as we search the 3996 numbers for the mysterious Number 3999. 

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Will you find that your eyes are remarkably perceptive, or will the optical illusion briefly cloud your judgment?  

A high degree of visual awareness and concentration is required to solve this optical puzzle, which uses tricks on the eyes.  

To succeed, you must be able to quickly detect minute features, so keep an eye out for any tiny deviations that could reveal the secret number. 

Those with very sharp eyes may have easily won the game by finding the elusive number 3999 in the 3996 arrangement. 

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