Excellent eyes can spot the crocodile in 8 seconds in this optical illusion eye test.

Fascinating phenomena known as optical illusions deceive our eyes.  

While we attempt to make sense of what we see, they cause us to doubt depth, perspective, and reality.  

There are many different kinds of optical illusions, including those involving geometrically impossible objects and pictures with multiple possible interpretations.  

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They are entertaining, sure, but they also teach us a lot about how our brains work when we see something.  

Visual Illusion Test: In just eight seconds, sharp-sighted individuals will be able to identify the crocodile in this image. 

Take on a visual challenge by taking this eye test for optical illusions! 

Pay close attention to the image; in as little as 8 seconds, the concealed crocodile may be spotted by those with exceptionally keen eyes. 

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