East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, and More US Coastal Cities 2024

The US is one of the largest nations, spanning the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and boasting many coastal cities. 

The Northeast has many coastal cities, including several world-class harbors.  

On the West Coast, many coastal cities facilitate trade with China, Japan, and South Korea.  

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The US's extensive coastal city network anchors it geographically and strengthens economic ties with Asia and Europe. 

America has five coastlines: the Atlantic (East Coast), Pacific (West Coast), Gulf, Arctic, and Lake States. 

As mentioned, the US has 5 coasts in 30 states. East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, Arctic Coast, and Lake States. 

The Eastern Seaboard, also known as the East Coast or Atlantic Coast, is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Eastern US. 

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