Dog or cat? Locate the KITTY in this cheerful puppy puzzle by using your visual skills. Only 7 more seconds!

Everyday life, art, psychology, and brain anatomy may all benefit from the usage of optical illusions, which are visual puzzles. 

It shows that seeing clearly requires more than just staring into a mirror; 

it demonstrates how the brain processes and makes sense of visual information.  

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A wide range of disciplines make use of optical illusions, from neuroscience and psychology to the arts and everyday life.  

These visual riddles test our capacity to make sense of data that is either contradictory or otherwise ambiguous. 

By studying the brain's reaction to optical illusions, we can gain a better grasp of anatomy, sensory processing, cognition, and more. 

In addition, optical illusions are crucial for visual research because they reveal how the brains of healthy and damaged individuals process visual information.  

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