Dog Breeds That Always Look Puppy-like

Getting a dog doesn't make you healthier; it just brings these benefits.   

James Serpell, a University of Pennsylvania animal ethics professor, studied pet owners in the U.K. for 10 months after adoption.  

Dog and cat owners reported a significant reduction in minor health issues like headaches, insomnia, indigestion, and sinus pain in the first month   

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Our internal health benefits from having a dog. Dust is in the air, on the floor, and on surfaces no matter how clean your home is.   

biostatistician Alexandra Sitarik and colleagues collected dust samples from 54 family homes—half of which had a dog and half without—when the dog was first brought home and a year later.   

By one year, households with dogs had “a higher percentage of variation in bacterial dust composition,” including Moraxella, Porphyromonas,  

Nothing wrong with this. The “Microbiota Hypothesis” suggests that dust from dog-owned homes may change the gut microbiome to reduce allergy and asthma risk.   

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