Discover the woman's husband in 4 seconds like Sherlock Holmes.

Brain teaser puzzles test problem-solving and observation. Different brain teasers exist.  

You may need to use logic or math to solve some. Sometimes hidden items or patterns are hard to spot.   

These hidden items can be inanimate or living, like animals or humans. The visual puzzle we've presented today requires observation and logic.  

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Today's brain puzzle requires logic and observation. You must see the image to solve it.  

Above, a woman stands in an alleyway. She stares at the two-man wanted poster. Both men on the poster look scary and rugged.  

The married woman seeks her husband. She found the two posters in the alleyway after recovering from amnesia.  

The two men reminded her of her husband, whose face she had forgotten. Determine which of the two men is her husband. You have 4 seconds to solve this brain teaser.   

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