Dinners Ready in Under an Hour

Comes faster on busy weekdays, or just us? You know those days when you have little time to plan dinner and need to serve it quickly?   

Everyone's been there. If you have more important things to worry about than dinner, let us help.  

There's meat, spaghetti, sheet-pan dinners, one-pot dishes, and casseroles for everyone.  

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Our 80 greatest quick supper recipes are flavorful and easy to make in under an hour (and some in 25 minutes). A weeknight dinner miracle.  

Most importantly, these meals may be made every night of the week for any occasion.  

Make a quick supper before your crew leaves for the night? For fast, portable meals, try our copycat chicken lettuce wraps (30 min.  

Looking for dishes that get the whole family to dinner? Try our one-pot French onion pasta (50 min.), grown-up SpaghettiOs & meatballs (45 min.),  

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