Costco Discovers Media Buzz

Costco regulars know that exploring the warehouse (ideally not on Saturdays) is entertaining.  

Dining in the food court and getting product samples will make your day, along with people-watching.   

We selected the internet's most talked-about new Costco items to help you choose.   

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Read on for our top 15 March Costco finds. This month, Costco's 93 Midwest and Texas warehouses will have many Farmer's Fridge items, which will delight shoppers.   

The Midwest offers Mediterranean Salad (2-pack for $12.99) and Berries & Granola Greek Yogurt ($9.99).  

The Southwest Chicken Salad costs $6.99 and the Mediterranean Salad $6.79 in Texas.   

"One of my first FF meals. Fell in love. One fan of Berries & Granola Greek Yogurt says, "Still in love.   

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