Can You Solve This Fairground-Based Seek-and-Find Puzzle in Just 13 Seconds?

In only thirteen seconds, can you locate it? See how well you can concentrate and come out on top! 

For ages, people have been enthralled and baffled by seek-and-find puzzles.  

Incredible as it may seem, these pictures show us how our brains process visual data in ways that defy our expectations.  

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A hidden cell phone in a jumbled fair setting is the focus of one such interesting seek-and-find conundrum in this story.  

Is it possible for you to find the hidden phone in this jumbled scene in the allotted thirteen seconds?  

Seek and Find puzzles take advantage of a number of physiological and psychological aspects, such as our visual perception of patterns, colors, 

and forms and our cognitive bias toward inference and missing-value filling.  

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