Can you find the old woman in the 19th-century girl portrait in 6 seconds?

Optical illusions are fascinating and difficult. These illusions are usually mind-boggling paintings or images of objects or animals. 

Visual phenomena where our brain misinterprets reality. They can make us believe things don't exist or see things that don't. 

Optical illusion challenges aim to find what's hidden or not there. A fun, exciting, and challenging optical illusion awaits you today. 

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An unknown German artist created this tricky optical illusion puzzle in the 19th century.  

Portrait shows a young woman. Has a hat and ribbon around her neck. 

But this 200-year-old puzzle is one of the most intriguing and mind-blowing illusions ever. 

As a vision and observation test, you have 7 seconds to solve it. Just a hint: It depends on your perspective. 

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