Bicentennial Quarters: A Fascinating Look at Their History: Gems Worth More Than $750,000

Embracing the essence of our nation's birth, the back side displayed a unique image of the colonial drummer lad. 

The eventual numismatic victory and sought-after treasure status of this coin came as a complete surprise to everyone. 

The extreme value of the Bicentennial Quarter stems from its extreme rarity. 

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There may have been millions struck to commemorate the bicentennial, but only a handful have the special blend of characteristics that makes them valuable. 

The dearth of these quarters is mostly attributable to their minting mistakes, unique mint markings, and pristine condition. 

These variants, which can range from off-center stampings to double strikes, add an appealing degree of individuality that collectors can't resist. 

Bicentennial Quarters that have minting errors, as these can turn them into valuable collectibles. 

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