Best Vegan Tofu Recipes: Not Boring

Tofu is a staple in plant-based diets and may be used to make many delectable recipes. 

Tofu, formed from coagulated soy milk, is protein-rich and nutrient-dense.   

It originated in ancient China. Its neutral taste and sponge-like texture make it great for absorbing flavors in stir-fries, soups, and desserts.  

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Tofu is a healthy and delicious staple of mindful eating, whether you're a vegan or just trying out plant-based foods.  

Tofu comes in silky, soft, firm, and extra-firm varieties to suit different tastes.  

This shredded tofu wrap is a high-protein breakfast, lunch, or dinner for athletes.  

My favorite feature of this recipe is that this shredded tofu wrap tastes great hot or cold! Serve it pan-grilled with your favorite side or chill and take to work.  

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