Best Tokyo Food in Vending Machines, 7-11s, and Train Stations

Tokyo has amazing food in unexpected places including a department store basement, a 7-11, and a train station vending machine.   

In Japan, eating good on a budget is part of the culture. Office workers wait in line at convenience stores for 75-cent light meals and freshly ground coffee.  

Bento boxes are everywhere and filled with colorful components for a healthy dinner. Travelers taking the bullet train buy fresh and tasty to-go meals at train stations.   

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Depachika, which means department store basement in Japanese, sell a wide range of prepared dishes, including freshly baked breads, yakitori chicken skewers, tempura, and colorful salads.  

In the fish department, seasonal trays of sashimi and sushi excite shoppers, while beautifully packed biscuits, chocolates, and traditional Japanese confectionary make great keepsakes.   

Ginza Six, Tokyo's newest depachika, boasts a great selection of sweets shops (sample the fresh fruit encased in mochi) and informal sake, whisky, and wine bars.  

Daimaru at Tokyo Station serves bento because many long-distance trains start here. Tip: Depachika don't have seats, but department stores have rooftop gardens with picnic tables.   

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