Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor Every Decade

Neapolitan ice cream was popular this decade. Naples, Italy, invented the process of pressing multiple flavors of ice cream into one block to be sliced and served  .

Any ice cream flavor can be utilized, but chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are the most common.  

The ice cream cone was invented this decade.This ice cream was termed water ice, iced punch, or sorbet.  

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It was a favorite palette cleanser between meals at dinner parties. Fruit juice and water—sometimes liqueurs or milk—were sweetened with sugar or honey in sherbet.  

William Dreyer and Joseph Edy invented Rocky Road ice cream during the late 1920s' rough times.  

The team mixed marshmallow chunks and chopped almonds into chocolate ice cream to cheer up folks during the Great Depression. 

Find more surprisesSpirits were added to delicacies like ice cream when Prohibition ended in the 1930s.   

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