Best Airline Food & Meals

Carriers are finding new and innovative ways to tantalize our taste buds, which isn't always easy at altitude.  

Air France partnered with famous chefs to curate its premium meals, Delta added food and wine options across its cabin categories, and Hawaiian Airlines served island-inspired meals.  

We cannot serve raw seafood. How can you offer raw oysters without really serving them?  

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Chef Molly Brandt of Gategroup in-flight catering says this oyster is slow-poached at 165 degrees for 30–40 minutes and then escabeche-style.   

World's largest airline caterer Gategroup held a taste at its Seattle food preparation site in December.   

Brandt was hired to present new and exciting recipes to airline clients looking to stand out in the increasingly competitive race to court and impress premium customers.   

His dishes included the oyster shooter, a rich chanterelle mousse, a butternut-rutabaga okonomiyaki, and (my favorite) a teriyaki chicken loaf.  

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