Beautiful vibes from zodiac signs

For the millions of photographs we compare ourselves to and the botox and surgery we can go for.   

After years of striving to be better, we will find that self-acceptance is the finest remedy for beauty upgrades.  

We can't go any other direction in this car. We cannot buy beauty as we can be when we accept ourselves.  

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Beauty has always been a hot topic. Mercury opposite Lilith on March 3 emphasizes beauty and value.  

The Lilith energy makes us crave more. Since this celestial body opposes Mercury, we don't believe we're exceptional.   

We intentionally do it. Know if we have other possibilities. Is it possible to feel beautiful without changing our appearance?It is possible to radiate beauty.   

Today, these three zodiac signs will do that because we realize the truth. Truth is beauty, they say.  

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