Astrology Trends with ‘Club Cosmos Radio’ Podcast

There's much to discuss. Pluto entered Aquarius, causing a two-decade breakdown of digital culture, industrialization, and enlightenment assumptions.   

Jupiter entering Gemini in summer 2024 predicts technological chaos and fashion reversals.   

Saturn and Neptune, now in Pisces, enter Aries in 2025, ending self-reference and relaunching the zodiac.  

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Croy and Stegememoeller predict dramatic planetary shifts in 2024 and 2025, including Space- and Jazz-Age revivals, revamped androgyny, and social media's demise.  

Start with Pluto in Aquarius. I think Pluto in Capricorn ends twee culture.  

Pluto in Aquarius kills cool indicators and signifiers, as we've discussed. Capricorn and Cancer love maturity and immaturity.   

Always baby and daddy. Neptune and Saturn in Pisces kill whimsy.Kristen Stegemoeller: Our rapid trend cycle has caused trends to lose coherence.   

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