Astrology 2nd House: Everything You Need to Know

Enter your birth chart, your astrological mansion! ICYDK, your birth chart has 12 Houses.   

The 2nd House is your spiritual entrance. Your 2nd House represents your style in your birth chat.  

Knowing your 2nd House can help you understand your fears, values, beliefs, and virtues and reveal your natural tendencies.  

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.As an astrologer, I've found that the 2nd House helps explain self-respect. If a person's 2nd House is in Sagittarius, their values will come from knowledge and exploration.  

The 2nd House is one of the best tools for self-understanding and motivational appreciation.  

Finding your 2nd Home is simple! Knowing your Rising sign, you can assume your 2nd House is the zodiac sign after it.  

If your Rising sign is Gemini, your 2nd House is probably Cancer. Depending on the House system, this may vary.  

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