An optical illusion IQ test shows that 20/20 vision can recognize the odd elephant in 6 seconds

According to this problem, 20/20 vision allows people to locate the Odd Elephant in 6 seconds.  

The photograph likely shows a herd of elephants with one exception.  

Focus on details to solve this visual puzzle. Note differences in size, shape, or other elephant traits.  

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Visual and cognitive processing speed are shown by your ability to quickly identify the Odd Elephant.  

Look closely at the elephant herd in the visual puzzle. Identifying the elephant with the most unusual size, form, or traits is the key.  

Scan the image carefully, noticing tiny differences between the Odd Elephant and its buddies.  

Those with 20/20 vision may quickly identify the herd's unique element, indicating strong eyesight and quick cognitive processing.  

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