Among the Born in 6 seconds test items, only those with exceptional visual abilities can identify the word corn.

Your objective in this timed observational brain test is to decipher the word "Corn" from the letters of "Born" in under six seconds.  

A fast visual processor and an excellent eye for detail are necessary for this job.  

Both your speed of observation and your capacity for visual discrimination are tested in this exam. 

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Jump right in, show off your visual skills, and see if you can find the secret phrase in the allotted time! 

Because of the striking resemblance between the two characters, "Corn" and "Born" becomes an even more challenging visual test.  

The key is to find the exact combination of letters that make up the word "Corn" from the set that makes up "Born." 

To solve it, you must find the hidden characters 'C,' 'O,' 'R,' and 'N' inside the supplied string of "Born." 

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