A hunter's eye would be required to detect a single rose in this 8-second image.

The brain's perception of reality has also been studied by neuroscientists using images of optical illusions. 

There are few easier ways to gauge a person's level of focus than with optical illusion pictures, which are deliberately created to fool the eye. 

The Latin verb illudere has the same meaning as our English word "illusion"—to deceive or mock.  

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The visual information our eyes take in isn't always complete, so our brain steps in to fill in the blanks. The term for this is sight.  

A picture with a Parisian theme is shown to the audience. 

Macarons, cheese, croissants, and other foods are visible in the photo.  

You can't help but notice the tiny versions of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower as well. 

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