A hunter and his dog have just six seconds to find the rabbit, so only the keenest observers will do.

Improving your powers of observation and focus on detail is a breeze with these puzzles.  

You have to look under your feet to find the solution to these puzzles. 

From visually stunning illusions that trick the eye to hypnotic patterns that defy logic, optical illusion puzzles are sure to push your imagination to new heights.  

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By compelling us to look deeper than what's immediately apparent, optical illusions have fascinated and baffled people for centuries.  

Above, you can make out a man scouring the woods with a pistol and a cigar in his mouth. 

Beside him stands a vicious canine. It appears like they are both on the hunt for something.  

A hunter and his dog were out in the woods when the two of them spotted a little rabbit. 

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