A hand glove in this crowded road scene can only be spotted by optical illusion masters in just 12 seconds!

Playing optical illusions that force you to find concealed objects is a great way to train your brain. 

Seeking out hidden objects in images is a great way to hone your brain's observational and detail-oriented abilities. 

You can enhance your perceptual skills and, on occasion, your spatial and visual reasoning, by challenging your brain to distinguish between different forms, colors, and textures. 

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Only those of you who are experts at optical illusions will be able to complete this task.  

This busy road picture is plenty of distractions meant to take your focus off of the hand glove that is skillfully placed within. 

In only twelve seconds, can you identify the hand glove? That is the true test.  

This is an accurate assessment of your intelligence and capacity for observation, not merely a test of your discriminatory skills. 

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