A brain test using optical illusions: in just seven seconds, only the sharpest observers will be able to identify the number one hundred out of 108.

Enter the fascinating realm of optical illusions and see how perception and deceit intertwine .

We put our visual processing and cognitive abilities to the test when we encounter optical illusions.  

The attempt to find the number 100 in a cluster of 108 in just 7 seconds is an especially interesting task that arises in this complex dance of sight.  

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Paying close attention and quickly deciphering the subtle clues that differentiate the hidden numeral are both required by the visual complexity of the trick.  

This cognitive exam measures both visual acuity and speed of thought. 

Immerse yourself in a world where illusion meets reality as you play with optical illusions. 

The intriguing relationship between the visual system and the brain is on full display in these entertaining visual puzzles.  

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