A 5 second optical illusion brain challenge: Only 1% of geniuses can spot 555 among 556.

Optical Illusion Brain Challenge: Explanation: Only 1% of Intelligent People Can Identify 555 Out of 556 in Just 5 Seconds 

Your eye-tracking and pattern-recognizing skills will be tested by the visual puzzle you're describing. 

Finding a particular 555 number from a set of 556 numbers that appear identical is the objective.  

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It is common for these puzzles to manipulate the size, orientation, or arrangement of the numbers in order to obfuscate the target number. 

Color, perspective, size, and motion distortions are common components of these illusions, 

which cause the observer to perceive an object with different properties than it actually has. 

The typical arrangement of the numbers makes it difficult for the ordinary person to rapidly determine the target number. 

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